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Enhanced circulation & less inflammation with Shuzi

Introducing, the new Shuzi Comfort Band, a proven solution to make life easier for people who have difficulty with even the simplest tasks caused by arthritis and other physical limitations. With its ease of use the Shuzi Comfort Band is stylish, lightweight and water friendly. Embedded within the material of the band is a special chip programmed with Nano Vibrational Technology or (NVT), which makes this comfort wrist band even more unique.  The NVT chip is designed to emit subtle vibrational energy (scalar energy) which resonates with your body's natural cellular frequency and testing has shown that people wearing Shuzi products experience both enhanced blood flow and blood cell integrity after only 30 minutes.
About Shuzi's NVT
Every Shuzi product has been embedded with a chip containing Nano Vibration Technology (NVT Chip). Our chip has been programmed to emit subtle vibrational energy (scalar energy) which resonates with your body's natural cellular frequency.

Shuzi (NVT), is designed to resonate or vibrate at a cellular level which helps to stimulate the blood cells allowing them to flow more freely. This stimulation results in enhanced circulation. Shuzi's NVT is beneficial when the technology is placed within 6 inches of your body.

Testing Has Shown:
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Enhanced blood cell integrity
Those Wearing Shuzi Have Reported:
  • Better sleep
  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Inflammation
Blood Cell Integrity
Analysis of blood cells before and after wearing Shuzi products shows enhanced blood cell integrity after only 30 minutes as a result of wearing Shuzi.
Enhanced Circulation
Through the use of Thermal Imaging, Tests have shown enhanced circulation in those wearing shuzi in as fast as 30 seconds.

My impression after testing the effects of the Shuzi on my clients has been that it has a universal effect of helping all who wear it to maintain homeostasis. That means they are more likely to maintain balanced meridians when confronted with any kind of life stress and more dramatically, when someone has a condition which has as its basis organ weakness or even degeneration, wearing the Shuzi frees the body in a way that helps it togradually repair these weak organs as measured by the Biomeridian MSA (meridian stress assessment). I will be encouraging all my patients to wear a Shuzi.

– Chuck Belanger, L.Ac.

The first week I used the Shuzi bracelet I noticed the benefits. We had long days at the Shell Houston Open because of bad weather. I finished the event stronger than I started, and I credit Shuzi.

– Ted Purdy (PGA Tour Professional & PGA Tournament Winner)

I feel my best when I wear my SHUZI … I never take it off!

– R. Ramsden, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I started using Shuzi's jewelry about a month ago after an earnest recommendation from my friend who had been using it himself for quite a while. I was a bit skeptical at first about the testimonials I've heard, but decided to take the plunge this summer because of a heavy load of summer school. The benefits of wearing my Shuzi ring were astounding. This product is REAL. I have highly recommended Shuzi products to all my friends.

– Doug Radtke, Millbrae, CA
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